5 Benefits Of Hiring A Personal Trainer

Boot camps are a military-inspired, multi-faceted fitness training program. It is rigorous and very effective when it comes to weight loss, targeted fitness and quick results.

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Focussed Routine

At a gym or at home, you’re probably doing some of the more popular exercise routines. These may be good at keeping you fit and healthy in the long run, but aren’t particularly effective towards specific goals like weight loss or body building. Fitness training qualifications ensure your personal trainer has the right skills to help you achieve your goals.

Boot camps, on the other hand, have specialized routines and fixed objectives, meaning that they will come up with excellent customized workouts specific to the goal, be it cutting body fat or lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Intense, Powerful, Effective

Most Sunshine Coast boot camps specialize in weight loss routines. Expert trainers formulate a routine involving a balanced set of agility, cardio and strength exercises. These are all medium to high intensity, and you will feel the burn, sweat it out and enjoy every bit.

Most personal trainers also discourage the use of machinery, so you’ll be put through a well thought-out, inventive curriculum which makes it a much more enjoyable experience. Squats, lunges, crunches, push-ups; a wide variety of workouts are implemented over the duration of the camp.

Terrain-Inspired Outdoor Workouts

Most, if not all Sunshine coast fitness trainers are held outdoors, in large, open spaces. This allows you to breathe and feel more comfortable than you would in a closed room. Furthermore, skilled trainers attempt to make the most of these terrains by leveraging them to enrich the workouts.

Hill runs, sand boxes, or exercises on an incline, you can do it all. Some use common props like a jungle gym, or a park bench to come up with remarkable intense aerobic exercise routines.

Work Out in Groups

A major advantage of fitness camps is the fact that every routine is a group routine. This means that you have a set of peers who will go through the same intense curriculum as you. You will be able to make new connections, and also stay motivated through a healthy form of peer pressure. Be it to keep up with the rest of the group, or to get noticed, you will find yourself working harder than ever.

Expert Trainers, Well-Explained Workouts

When you’re working out at home by seeing programmes on the telly or by reading articles, most viewers suffer from misinformation and poorly explained routines. This increases the chance of injury or fatigue and exponentially decreases the output. 

At a fitness boot camp, every workout routine is explained in detail by an experienced trainer. Warm-ups and cool-downs, which are as important as the exercise itself, are also covered. Some routines which you may find difficult can be effectively altered and then instructed to suit your needs.

A Sunshine Coast courses are an effective and affordable way to get into shape, especially when compared to classic gym memberships or casual exercise. Each workout is explained clearly, along with the optimum number of repetitions and pauses. Members of every boot camp are exposed to an enriching atmosphere with a group of peers, and are motivated to move toward their goal with enthusiasm.

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Clubbells Build Big Shoulders

Are you thinking about getting bigger shoulders then you have ever had before? Perhaps you are not genetically endowed with broad shoulders, making you feel a little inadequate, especially when wearing suits for special occasions.

Personal training courses will offer this type of coaching to give you the tools and skills you need to become a successful coach.


When you see broadly chested or broad-shouldered individuals walking by, it’s important to realize that you can also have that as well. Here is the best way to get big shoulders today using simple clubbell exercises that you can do at home or at the gym, check out these exercises at www.clubbell.com.au.

In order to get big shoulders, there are simple clubbell exercises that really do work. You can even follow Zac Efron’s shoulder workout to do this. In order to do this, you’re going to have to do shoulder workouts that include barbell shrugs and military press.

Barbell shrugs have to do with holding the weight at waist level, and shrugging up and down in multiple sets. There are some great exercises on Twitter.

If you do the military press, you will have to push the weight up from shoulder level, up above your head, and do so in a controlled movement. By doing these two exercises, this is the best way to get big shoulders in a short amount of time using as little equipment as possible and regardless of where you may choose to do your exercises.

Eat Less Calories to Lose More Weight

Reasons Why You’re Not as Fit as You Should Be

Have you ever felt that the amount of time you spend on exercising is not enough? Is there a feeling of unhappiness that there is something missing since you are unable to lose your excess weight?

In addition, do you feel that following a strict diet which is usually supplementary to doing exercises, not showing any results? Well, then the best advice you are going to get is to hire a personal trainer.


A personal trainer is like your body guard. He or she will make sure you follow a schedule, do not skip on your work outs, give you a healthy diet and also help you achieve your goals. However, not everybody understands the need for a personal trainer. So, here are few reality checks that will make you reconsider your view while you follow your own exercise routine.

Not exercising enough

While a personal trainer can take one look at your work out plan and tell you the required changes, doing it on your own will mean only one thing – that you have to do double the amount of exercises to achieve the same goal.

It could also be that the exercises that you think are the best for you are actually not burning the necessary fat required to shape your muscles. In fact, the exercises may not even be beneficial beyond superficial. So, if you are serious about changing your life for the positive, then you have to be serious about the exercises to do. You can get some great workout ideas and exercise programs from http://www.6weekbody.com.au.

Not running enough

You may think that the everyday running around the park will help you shed weight and make you fitter. However, while this works, it is a slow process. Your personal trainer will tell you how much need to run and how much exercise is required.

It should not be the case that by both of these, and instead of feeling invigorated, you would end up feeling tired. The irony here is that a personal trainer will stop you right before you exert and exhaust your body.

Not eating well enough

It is best to consult an expert when you want to start dieting. However, though online-diet courses that available are a poor substitute and should be wary of trying it without health advice. An experienced and established personal trainer will keep changing your diet as you start training.

First, it would be about reducing your excess fat and then after you start doing heavy exercises, your personal trainer will include more protein oriented food in your diet plan. This is to ensure your body is able to deal with the intense workouts that your trainer has planned for you. You also need to count your calories to lose weight, creating a calorie deficit is essential if you want to lose more weight.

Not sleeping enough

Another reason that you would feel exhausted instead of feeling energised after doing exercises is lack of sleep. When you sleep, your muscles get time to repair and your tired tissues also get enough rest. If you do not maintain a consistent sleep cycle of eight hours every day, then it is going to affect your body cycle.